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My Backyard UFO

November 16, 2009

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This story begins in August of 2008 regarding a very strange occurrence that happened in my backyard. Upon much speculation and pondering of this event, I can only surmise that “something” did indeed land in my backyard. A UFO perhaps?


SUNDAY AUGUST 3, 2008 – The Beginning

It was a quiet Sunday morning. I, along with some family members, were standing in the backyard of my home in Northwestern Ontario casually conversing. The other family members included; my brother, mother, my sister and her son – my nephew. We had all just spent a week visiting with each other as we always do for the summer holidays on the week that coincides – and completes – with the conclusion of the town’s annual jamboree. As we congregated that morning in the backyard, we joked and recollected the fun events that we all enjoyed that week. As it is with every year, we partook in many of the recreational events that the great Northwest has to offer. We swam, we camped, we fished, rode the pontoon boat and – most nights – rounded out the day by roasting marshmallows and telling eerie stories. However, upon the completion of this summer’s holidays, we were to learn that we would have our very own homegrown eerie story to recall for years to come.

It was about 11 a.m. that Sunday morning as we stood around and joked and laughed about all the funny mishaps that happened that week. My brother was about to depart to his destination in Toronto, which was about a twelve hour ride, so we didn’t have a lot of time to reminisce. I don’t recall precisely what we were discussing, but we were engaged in some pretty hearty laughter. Suddenly, my sister abruptly broke her laughter and pointed to the ground. “What’s that?” she inquired. Taken aback from the sudden turn of events, we all fell silent and a thick solemn “air” that you could cut with a knife with engulfed us. We were suddenly aware that before us lay an anomaly that could only be described as a “strange circle”.


The “Strange Circle” taken in July 2009 – one year after the original discovery. Was this a result of a landing pod, or perhaps, the result of a radiation blast emanating centrally from a larger object? You be the judge! In any event, essentially, the circle looked somewhat the same in the summer of 2008 – minus the vegetation. Read about the original discovery describe herein the body of this blog!

P.S. As a further note. I have avoided walking near this circle since its discovery. On a couple occasions – once even a year later – after this discovery, I did experience a some unexplained nauseous dizzy affect along with a bit of stomach upset too! So, understandably, I make a conscious effort to walk around it whenever I’m in the backyard.

SATURDAY AUGUST 2, 2OO8 – An Evening of Classic Canadian Rock

The night before the appearance of the “strange circle” I was sitting out on the front deck of the house with my nephew. We were comfortably perched in our “Walmart Special” plastic molded chairs sipping Colas and listening to tunes. The music we were listening was courtesy of a live concert that was taking place across the lake. In fact, my sister and brother were attending the music jamboree that evening at the local camping facility that we call McLeod Park. I had to explain to my nephew that that was were his mother was at. I distinctly recall, while trying to explaing this, that Canadian Classic Rockers “ Aprilwine” were cranking out their hit song “Sign of the Gypsy Queen”. As my nephew continued to slurp happily upon his Cola, I thought it good that he was unsuspectingly being introduced to some cool Canadian classic rock. Luckily the night was clear, as was the music that conveniently bounced across the water, reverberated throughout the neighborhood and eventually found its way to mine and my nephews attentive ears. We patiently waited and stayed on the deck until we heard the lead singer, Myles, sign off with “ Thank you Geraldton! You’ve been a great audience. Goodnight”. Thereafter, it was only a short while later that we were all together again sitting in comfort of the living room recounting the events of the day and evening before we surrendered ourselves to another night of peaceful and uneventful slumber. Or was it uneventful?

SUNDAY AUGUST 3, 2008 – The “Strange Circle” Continued…

Upon the discovery of the “strange circle” that Sunday morning, I recall we all made our way stealthily toward the anomaly in my backyard. The only way I can describe it is that it looked as though something very heavy with a circumference of approximately three feet had compressed itself upon the ground and flattened the area. It resembled a compression mark that of a barrel of oil might leave had it sat there a very long time. However, as explained earlier, this simply appeared overnight! Moreover, the area of interest was also tinged to a brownish color and the blades of grass were perfectly intact. Having some familiarity with sci-fi and science in general, I was almost sure that this was a radiation burn! However, I had no means to prove the matter, but that was definitely my guess. Ahh, the things you see when you don’t have a Geiger counter! Well upon deliberating on the matter for a bit, we resigned ourselves to the only plausible pop culture explanation. “UFO! Yep UFO for sure!” we surmised and went on to banter and relate stories known to us about UFOs. But, we’ll save that for a future blog for now. In any event, after trading stories for a good hour, we became all too aware that my brother had to hastily depart for his long journey home. So, he gathered up his belongings and we seen him off. For the rest of the day we went upon our business and strangely enough nothing was said further about the “strange circle” for the remainder of the day. Holidays as usual ensued. I think blueberry picking was the order of the day thereafter.

SUNDAY AUGUST 3, 2008 – That Evening

Whilst playing with my nephew and his newly acquired nerf gun, the “strange circle” was about to offer up itself a further clue. This happened when my nephew was innocently unleashing a fury of nerf bullets upon my noggin with every opportunity and with great frequency. It was while attempting to avoid his barrage of nerf bullets that I made a dive toward the ground. It so happened that I landed in close proximity to the ” strange circle”. With my head lying close to circle, facing in its direction, I noticed the nurf bullet that had just narrowly missed my head was lying there on the perimeter of the newly burnt phenom circle. I was about to retrieve it when I noticed another nerf bullet close by that appear “radiated”! Apparently, it was there from the day before when were engaged in the same play. Thus, it must have been exposed to the radiation burn Saturday night? That is my take on it anyways. So, I promptly arose and gathered up both nerf bullets. “Very strange!” I thought to myself as I looked them over. The burnt nerf appeared expanded in size compared to the normal nerf. I suspect that this would be expected if a nerf were to be exposed to a sudden heat blast? With no other adult around to discuss the matter, I simply placed the nerf bullets on the nearby clothesline stand for future inspection. Then we carried on with our play unfettered by this revelation. After a day of outdoor play, my nephew and I, along with the rest of the family spent the evening indoors playing board games. Strangely enough, again, not a word was mention throughout the evening about the “strange circle”. However, just before retiring for the night, I couldn’t help but quip something silly to the affect of ” Gee I hope that thing don’t come back and take us in our sleep!” I think I got a couple of smirks and some forced laughter for that effort. Happily, I can now report, we all made role call the next morning. No further “strange circles” to be had. It was later that day my sister and nephew made their way back to Thunder Bay. That was curtains for summer holidays 2008.

Nerf bullets collected at site. “Radiated” left and Normal on right.


I was talking to my brother on facebook about his plans for departure and arrival for this year’s vacation. This was Wednesday and he was scheduled to arrive for that weekend. In any event, we discussed the talent line up for the music jamboree. Incidentally, 2009’s Classic Canadian Rockers were to be Prism. The discussion of Prism prompted our recollection of their awesomely penned hit “Spaceship Superstar”. With that, how could we not help ourselves but to turn our thoughts to the subject of the “strange circle”? “Well given that you brought it up.” I answered, “ Did I tell you that while mowing the lawn this summer, I noticed that no grass has grown in the “strange circle”?”. Further to that, I went on to tell him that I had taken pictures if he was interested in seeing them. Not too surprisingly, he was. Although, I had only had downloaded them to my hard drive, I immediately posted them to my photobucket account and give him the link for his own inspection. Upon a short recess for his inspection, he messaged that he was indeed intrigued and was looking forward to his visit to see it for himself. Thereafter, we ended up chatting for about an hour with an expulsion of all our known amateur “ufologist” fare, because we’re damn near experts you know!


Well this year’s vacation came and went pretty uneventful compared to last year. Same old, same old. Fishing, camping, wiener roasts and some old classic rock courtesy of Prism. Moreover, I think my nephew is now well versed enough in Canadian Classic Rock – so much so – that his is probably Canada’s only five year old vanguard equipped to preserve that genre. Other than that, at the very least, we all got to once again congregate around the ” strange circle” and further discuss theories in relation to its origin. One theory that I did come up with was that perhaps this circle did not represent the size of the craft, but rather was just a UFO’s radiation blast that emanated from the centre of a larger craft upon landing. Well, yeah while we’re dreaming, I do allow my imagination to run wild. Well after being shot down about that, I think our next best assumption was that the “strange circle” was a result of a a meteor that had crashed and burned. However, I am not totally in agreement with that either, because I contended that if this were true, would it not leave an indent? Or at the very least, some sort of remnant of stone – or of whatever meteors are made of these days? I assure you that evidence of neither was to be found. So, after all was said and done, there was no conclusive explanation to be had. However, one thing we all did agree on was that – it is indeed “strange”!


With another summer long past and vague echoes of “Spaceship Superstar” resonating in my head, I find myself today awaiting the permanence of snow to announce that winter is here to stay! However, before I surrender to winter, I thought I’d take one more photo for posterity. So, that’s what I’ve done.

Alien plants?

Upon close inspection, you will note that some resilient type of weed has taken up residence inside the circle. Finally! However, while discussing this just recently with a friend online, to whom I shared this picture, she observed that the new resident plant in the circle does not appear anywhere else in the picture. Interestingly enough, I did not notice this before discussing this with her the other day around midnight. Having become aware of this speculation that this may be a foreign plant, I proceeded to advise her I was puting her on facebook chat hold. Thereafter, I scooped up a flashlight, put on some galoshes and raced out into my backyard toward the “strange circle” area to explore. I can’t imagine what my neighbors were thinking, because I’m sure one of them must have seen me frantically waving about a flashlight in the yard. But then I thought “These are the same neighbors who have witnessed me making home movies at night about scavenging bears! So, why would this alarm them?” With that comforting thought, I carried on by duly making note of the shape and size of the plant in the circle. Thereafter, I sought out to find others that resembled it in my backyard. After a complete and thorough reconnaissance mission, I had concluded that the plant growing there in the “strange circle” exist only there and nowhere else outside of it! So with that, I went back in and relayed this fascinating fact my friend who by now was thoroughly enthralled by my little story. In fact she told me so. She expressed that having now learning of this new revelation she was now officially jealous the my homegrown “Scooby Doo” mystery. For all my efforts, that did amuse me!

In closing, I wish I can say conclusively what has transpired in my backyard, but I’m at a loss! Upon some contemplation, I thought maybe it best to share with you – the reader – of this fascinating event just in case this now flourishing “plant” should grow a vine overnight and snake its way to my bedroom while I sleep and entangle me in its effort to abduct me! Hmmm? Maybe not such a bad conclusion to this story? I can just hear me now as I get whisked away to “their” rocketship. “Oh is that’s the way you want it eh ya damn plants? Fine!” I think I would probably go quietly but I’d let it be known to “them” that I’ve spent a lifetime preparing and waiting for the opportunity to kick some alien ass! “Take Me To The Kaptin!”

Peace out fella earthlings. Nano Nano!

Take Me To The Kaptin – by Prism

A planet dies and no one cries
so hard to believe
If there were somewhere else to go
you know I’d be the first to leave

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful
but I am afraid I just can’t stay

I had a dream the other night
and as the dream unfurled
I took a trip in a rocket ship
and I found another world

They told me about their Kaptin
then “could I ask him could I stay?”

I said “Take me to the Kaptin!”
And tell him why I’m here
I want to stay in your world
While my world disappears

Wontcha “Take me to the Kaptin!”
And tell him why I’m here
I want to stay in your world
While my world disappears

2nd Verse
Chorus repeat out

BACKYARD UFO UPDATE – Stardate – July 15, 2010

I was out this morning in the backyard after noting a bear had been in the garbage. As I do on most days, I noted the growth of what I’ve always suspected to be a radiation burn by “something”. In place of the “burn” location, that was mostly bare ground three years ago on the weekend of August 3, 2008, I have seen the gradual return of vegetation in the “burn”. In any event, what I did neglect to mention, and was pointed out to me by another family member, was that I neglected to mention the other “burns”. In fact there was most definitely another burn of similar size about 12 feet away near our swing set. Furthermore, there was yet another, of less significance definition another 12 feet away. The three, in my estimation because I never measured at the time, did seem to form a triangular shape. Could it be that the burns were created by landing pods of a UFO? In any event, the one I’ve been concentrating on in this blog was most definitely the most defined burn. As you see above, this is the same one three years later. You tell me, cause I am still dumbfounded by the whole event. I swear the evidence presented here is not fabricated nor contrived! Perhaps, you have a better explanation?



Cloudbusting with Clarence

July 12, 2009

I was just sitting around waiting for the rain to go away and got to thinking that someone out there must be “cloudbusting”. (More about that later in this blog. Watch first!) So, that got me to thinking of Wihelm Reich and a couple of videos I was aware of and thought maybe I’d just share them with you in this blog.

First up is a beautifully shot short film based on the true story of revolutionary scientist and humanitarian Dr. Wilhelm Reich. It depicts his invention that became to be known as a “cloudbuster, that purportedly had the ability to make it rain. Although this is a wonderfully shot film, the writer took some liberities and exercised some poetic licence so far as I can see. Not as I read anyways. Nonetheless a nice little piece of art!

If you enjoyed that, then you will likely want to check out Kate Bush’s musical interpretations and visual rendition of the same event. This is an awesome video featuring Donald Sutherland and Kate Bush.

If you have gotten this far, then you’ll probably want to read up more about Wilhelm Riech at Wikipedia. If so, be sure to scroll down and read “Orgone accumulators and cloudbusters” once you get there. (I like the part where they say he may have used the “machine” to fight off UFO’s. That in itself makes me want to build one myself…or…have I already?)
Oh, how about that? Just as I predicted. In the time I figured it would take to write this, it stopped raining. Coincidence?

Now I just wish they’d make a feature film. Here’s the link to Wilhelm Reich at Wikipedia!