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My True Manitoba Ghost Story – Louis Riel Related

October 31, 2010


This is a true story ghost story that happened to me when I first moved to Winnipeg in August of 1999. I had just moved into my first Winnipeg apartment located on Assiniboine Avenue at Edmonton Street, near what I now know to be McFayden Playground. I had just relocated from Ottawa to work on getting the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network up and running for its initial broadcast to begin broadcasting for September 1st of that year. So, with the move and the upstart of the network, things were getting a bit hectic. Luckily though, I had the assistance of my then girlfriend to help me get set up prior to her going off to California for a stint of work. Well, with an apartment secured, I found myself with no furniture, because I had opted to put all my belongings in storage in Ottawa until I was a bit more settled. As it happened then, I was moving into a virtually empty apartment save for a few essentials I had brought with me. This situation was not new to me though, as I had moved numerous times prior to this around both Canada and the States for work. Having had been becoming accustomed to this, I was able to draw upon my survival and resource instincts. My plan was to, as did so many times, was to seek out furniture at various garage sales. So it was, that my ghost story adventure was set to begin.


It was a beautiful sunny Saturday morning. I got up early and set upon my mission for the day. It was about 6:30 am and my first thought was to go open the patio doors of my fourth floor apartment to let in the fresh willowy air that was wafting up from the nearby Assiniboine River. The birds were chirping happily and everything was as normal as normal could be. Just another day. By this time, Jackie, who I now jokingly refer to as my practice wife, had gotten up and was stirring about in the kitchen getting a breakfast ready for the both of us as we set to go about our business for the day. Poached eggs on toast, with orange juice and coffee was the order of the day as I recall. Noting she had taking up on the cooking duties on this fine morning, I suggested to her that I go out to find a newspaper box to get the paper such that we could peruse it while having our early morning meal. I hurried out the door, a little excited too, in anticipation of finding new goods. Something to this day still excites me about garage sales. Perhaps its a latent and ancient foraging instinct that is awakened? In any event, I successfully retrieved both the Winnipeg Sun and Winnipeg Free Press. Both were exceptionally thick on this Saturday morning, holding promise of many garage sales I suspected. I walked back into the apartment and breakfast was set out there in on a plastic milk crate that served as a table in the middle of my yet empty apartment. Happily I dug into breakfast. Whilst mopping up the broken yoke of my poached eggs with my toast, I scattered the sections of the newspapers and sought out the classified sections which contained the sales section. Having found them, I flipped through the sales section until – there it was – in large bold fonts “Garage Sales”. Then, still in an excited state that resembled euphoria, I delegated the work for us to select which locations held the most promise. I took the Sun, Jackie took the Free Press. In the space of about an hour, we sorted through and discussed which ones we most wanted to “hit”. Jackie, being the more organized of us two, took detailed notes in regards to locations and times that would best strategically make the best use of our time. The course was set, or so we thought. It was then that Jackie, noted another advertisement calling out to her attention. “How about this Clare?” she asked. “ What’s that?” I replied. “An Estate Sale” she announced, as she brought the paper closer to me for me to look. “Yeah, I heard of them. That’s when family members sell the belongings of a recently deceased family member isn’t it?” I asked. “ Never been to one though” I added. “Neither have I” Jackie replied, adding “ I think we oughta go.” She didn’t need my approval, with her neon yellow highlighter pen in hand she was already marking up the paper and noted to me. “It’s at 10:30 and that’s just up near Wolseley and Arlington. We can squeeze that in before we go to Osbourne Village area.” she declared. “ Yeah, I guess” I shrugged in agreement. So we set out for a what would be a fun-filled morning of adventure in our new city.


Not being too familiar with Winnipeg, we were certain to have our map of the city readily available. I had been there only a couple of months before Jackie’s arrival to the city and I was only familiar with a few landmarks along Portage from downtown to Home Street off Portage, where I initially took up residence at a friend’s place. One landmark for sure I had noted, as any good Canadian would, was the location of my nearest Tim Hortons coffee shop. With that, we headed to the nearest drive-thru and we each got our large “Double Double” along with a half-dozen of our favorite doughy treats. Crullers! Yum! Contented, we set out to each successive garage sale on our agenda. Every imaginable nick nack, decorative stuff, books, cassettes and furniture was to be had. Being both music lovers and book people we picked up more than our share. Being somewhat of a history buff, I was keen on finding a few books about the history of the province of Manitoba and the city itself. One of which, I found curious to me was “Ghost Stories of Manitoba”. Apparently, the city of Winnipeg, it seemed, was especially haunted. Interesting, I noted, as we went on about our mission. Inside of a couple of hours, we happily haggled and dropped a small fortune in a bid to have the “empty apartment” become full and decorative. The decorative part I can attribute to Jackie, because I would have overlooked a lot of nifty candle holders and art paintings in favor of someones homemade wine bottle candle holder, nostalgic Charlie’s Angels posters and Scoobie Doo lunchbuckets. Gotta hand it to her, we secured a lot of things I hadn’t surmised that I “needed”. By this time it was getting on about 10:30 and we were on schedule to get to the Estate Sale on time that was purported to start at exactly the advertised time. “NO Earlybirds” the Estate Sales advert taker outers had made clear, indicated by the bold capitalized letters. However, we gave ourselves a few minutes to be parked in close proximity of the address. Having arrived, we noted many other veteran “garage salers” were parked along the boulevard nearby. Many with there windows rolled up in their air-conditioned car, sipping on their Timmie’s or Starbuck’s concoction. Others, were standing outside their cars, conversing with other “garage salers” discussing their finds of the morning. As for Jackie and I, we spent the time rummaging through our findings. We dug up a Billy Falcon CD we had found. The one with Power Windows on it. We threw it in the player and reclined our seats to enjoy a brief and much earned interlude prior to going to our first ever Estate Sale.

Louis drives a beat up ’69 Dart.
Swears it’s the statue of Mary that keeps the car from falling apart.
With Gracie right beside him sittin’ closer than a smile.
She’s got her head on his shoulder.
He loves to drive and hold her.

He got no power windows. Got no power brakes.
He ain’t got no power nothin’ but he got what it takes.
He’s got Gracie’s arm around him and a smile on his face.
He’s got the power of love.

I guess more than a few minutes and tunes had went by, because as we opened our eyes it was obvious people were beginning to stir and readying themselves to join in the much-anticipated parade toward the “house”. The house was very old and Victorian looking with a large Elm tree in front of it. Something about the house gave off a spooky aura. In retrospect, in my mind, the house was typical of most haunted houses that are seen depicted in scary movies. Suddenly, the race was on! Despite, everyone being of the same mind-set, and looking for that most excellent find, there exists a strictly adhered to unwritten code that garage saler uphold. No pushing! With the doors now open, garage saler after garage saler filed into the Estate Sale. Each greeting the host, which is also a custom. The greeter, pointed out where everything was located. Seems the entire house and all its contents were up for negotiation. It was now mine and Jackie’s turn. We indicated to the host our priority was a table and chairs. She pointed us in the direction of the dining room. Upon arrival, we could already see others looking over the table there. We were a bit disappointed. Not because of the others being there, but because the table there was much too big. It seemed solid oak and very prestigious looking. Yes, much too solid and hefty for the apartment, and my pocketbook to be sure! With that, we wonder around a bit more. Like I mentioned before, the house did seem to have that lived in aura about the place. There was even a suggestion of a ghost lingering there too perhaps? I’m no ghost whisperer, but I do think I possess a ghost radar, and the radar was registering. As we shuffled about, we were suddenly alerted by others in the place that the patio area outside was up for grabs too! Excited again of the prospects, we went outside to look around. Immediately upon our arrival, Jackie gravitated toward a pair of large Wicker chairs. “Clare!” she yelped out excitedly “ Perfect for the patio!” I looked them over, and approved in a manner congruent to her excitement. I nodded approvingly all the while whilst inspecting them. I hummed and hahed out loud, all the while thinking to myself. “ Great, more wicker. I’m already wickered out up to my ying yang. Wicker baskets, wicker shelves, wicker wicker wicker…” Now in a my most well rehearsed excited and animated manner I replied “ This is great! I wonder what they want?” I paused a brief dramatic pause and announced. ” I don’t care. I am most definitely getting these!” Jackie gleamed in proud manner of her find and gave me a big hug. We then went on to haggle with the lady and managed to get the chairs for 30 bucks. Pretty good price methinks.


Garage Sale Aftermath

We were now back at the apartment with all our various finds of the morning. We were pretty proud of ourselves, realizing all that we had accomplished. The apartment was going to look great. We even scored a nice window treatment. Wasn’t even on my radar, but we got one! In my estimation, I had thought the Kmart blinds were fine, but now I would have window treatments. Yeah! In any event, after parking at the apartment, Jackie suggested she go up and finish the morning dishes. With that, she set off up to the apartment with what she could carry. Various nick nacks, books and shoes seemed to be priority items. With that, I was left to make a few journeys up and down the freight elevator and back and forth to the car and apartment. Finally, with everything now in the apartment, I made myself some tea and decided to relax and look over and inspect our finds. With tea in hand and some left over Crullers, I settled into one of them big comfy wicker chairs I had secured at the Estate Sale. I thought to chose to leave them in the living room area for the time being before I set them out on the patio. Jackie continued to wash the dishes in the sink just a short distance away with her back toward me. All the while, she was talking of some of the folks we had met at garage sales and made an observation how everyone in Winnipeg did indeed seem “Friendly” as it promotes on the Manitoba car licence plate. I had to agree. “ There’s a lot of history in this province too!” I pronounced. “ I think I’ll like it here Clare.” she proclaimed as she continued to wash the dishes. Then our conversation fell silent for a spell. By this time, I had sunk deeply into my newly acquired wicker chair. As mentioned before, being the history buff I am, I chose to select a history book and started to engage myself in reading about the rise and fall of the great early political Metis leader Lois Riel. Hell I thought, “I’m in Manitoba and I best learn of the history of this province. My new home.” I had just opened the book and was glancing through the chapters. I was flipping through and stopped to read something that I found intriguing about Louis. It was then I got “that feeling”. You know the one, where someone is reading over your shoulder. I thought, well its only Jackie, so I didn’t bother to turn and look. Right then, however, I heard a voice that asked of me“ Where did you get that?” “Yikes!” I exclaimed in my thoughts. To me, that was NOT Jackie’s voice. To me, it seemed to sound more like a young girl. Maybe twelve or so? The voice, I might add, felt only a couple of inches from my ear, so it was most definitely distinct as could be. Also, being that close, there should have been a breath felt I thought. However, nothing! So it was at this point, I thought to glance over my shoulder. No one was there. No young girl. No Jackie. So I now glanced to where Jackie was standing at the sink in the kitchen. At precisely the same moment I looked toward Jackie, and Jackie looked toward me. In unison we asked of each other. “ You heard that too!”



P.S. I still get chills every time I tell or writer of this story. Just did again! There is no explanation to this day. We tried to rationalize then, but to no avail. The walls were thick brick and sound proof. We were four stories above the sidewalk. We were the only two there. Or, were we? Could it have been a ghost that followed us from the Estate Sale? Could it have been a ghost with some association with Louis Riel? Thinking about that day, I can’t say precisely which house we got the book from. Could the ghost had followed us from there, riding along in the back all the while? Or, maybe, the ghost was always at the apartment or wandered the area, and perhaps, still wonders the area to this day? Incidentally, the apartment is a stones throw to the Louis Riel statue behind the Manitoba Legislature building. In any event, the book in question, is packed away in a box in my basement. I have never read it nor dug it out since that day. Perhaps today, I’m thinking, I will dig it out and scan it for your viewing. However, maybe upon viewing, you too will be visited by that young girl? Watch this space….

P.S.S. FYI. The Practice wife and I separated and moved on. I now live back in Ontario. However, thanks for the memories Jackie. Thanks for the memories Manitoba.


Wickerless and Candle deprived in Northwestern Ontario


Crop Circles, The “Pill”, Country Stars and Aliens

May 9, 2010

It has been brought to my attention today that, not only has UK just
reported it’s first finding of a Crop Circle, but today also commemorates the 50th anniversary of the commercial release of the birth control pill (The Pill). Well, I don’t know if you find that peculiar, but I suspect that there is some correlation. So, I decided to write about it. What to me, at first, seemed coincidental got me to thinking about this matter. Here’s what I come up with. Perhaps you will agree? To illustrate my findings I have created the following photo that better surmises my theory that indeed The Pill and Crop Circles do share many similarities.

* Note: Currently a theory only for entertainment purposes. Lab test with mice in progress! BTW, am I the only one to note the crop circle above has something resembling a 7 day pill dispenser? I'm just saying!

OK, I admit not entirely a proven fact, but something to consider. In the meantime I will continue to I conduct further research in my secret lab hidden away in a cave located in cliff on the Northern Shore of Lake Superior. However, with that little bit of information being disclosed, I urge you not to attempt to follow me or a rabid bunch of wolverines will be set loose to chew your ass raw. Consider yourself forewarned!


Today is not only Mother’s Day – it is also the 50th anniversary of “The Pill,” the oral contraceptive birth control. Like it or not, the arrival of the birth control pill was a momentous occasion in human civilization and has had an enormous social impact. Considered to be very controversial at the time of is release, The Pill quickly found and audience in popular culture in the form of a country song. Below you will find Loretta Lynn singing her controversial classic – The Pill. The song made its initial album appearance on her 1975 LP called ‘Back to the Country.

Miniskirts, hot pants and a few little fancy frills
Yeah I’m makin’ up for all those years
Since I’ve got the pill”

If you’are so inclined to know all the lyrics to the song – and why wouldn’t you – then you can link directly to the YouTube video and click on the dropdown list directly under the video player. Direct link here! Or just press play on image below.

WOW! Wasn’t that entertaining! Makes one want to learn more huh? Well today is your lucky day. I gone ahead and made it simple for you to do so. If you’re the sensitive man and want to impress your wife or girlfriend with amazing facts or perhap, you just want to gather some valuable information to throw around at your next cookout Bar-B-Q, click here!


The first of the UK’s annual onslaught of crop circles is made up of curious swirls and has been ‘discovered’ in a field of oil seed rape in Wiltshire close to the remains of an Iron Age hill fort. The county is a popular spot for crop circle sightings and this one was found overlooking the historic site of Old Sarum, near Salisbury. The bizarre shapes and designs are predominately found in the counties of South West England. However, they tend to pop up in other regions too!
The crop circle season normally begins in April with them increasing in number to a high point in July and August. To read the full story with additional pictures you can go now by clicking here!

And finally, just as a matter of interest, if you wish to learn more of the crop circles of UK – and the World – be sure to watch the following. Personally, I found it to be the most intriguing documentary online pertaining to the subject at hand. Quite interesting and makes a solid argument for detractors. Believe it or not, there is something going on in the fields of the World. Some propose the definite alien connection and suggest the images are preparing us for 2012 – which many say marks the end of the world! Yikes! Methinks we better start squirrling away Kraft Dinner and now! It’ll be like college all over again. Anyways, I’m rambling. So do, check out the video below and you’re certainly welcome to get back to me with your thoughts about anything written here. Thanks for the visit! G’day!

P.S. In a related story, I had my own experience in my own backyard. To this day I don’t know the origins of the “circle”, but apparently something did create a circle there. Visit another blog on this site entitled “My Backyard UFO” regarding that matter by clicking here!

My Backyard UFO

November 16, 2009

If not already here, click on title above to view story.


This story begins in August of 2008 regarding a very strange occurrence that happened in my backyard. Upon much speculation and pondering of this event, I can only surmise that “something” did indeed land in my backyard. A UFO perhaps?


SUNDAY AUGUST 3, 2008 – The Beginning

It was a quiet Sunday morning. I, along with some family members, were standing in the backyard of my home in Northwestern Ontario casually conversing. The other family members included; my brother, mother, my sister and her son – my nephew. We had all just spent a week visiting with each other as we always do for the summer holidays on the week that coincides – and completes – with the conclusion of the town’s annual jamboree. As we congregated that morning in the backyard, we joked and recollected the fun events that we all enjoyed that week. As it is with every year, we partook in many of the recreational events that the great Northwest has to offer. We swam, we camped, we fished, rode the pontoon boat and – most nights – rounded out the day by roasting marshmallows and telling eerie stories. However, upon the completion of this summer’s holidays, we were to learn that we would have our very own homegrown eerie story to recall for years to come.

It was about 11 a.m. that Sunday morning as we stood around and joked and laughed about all the funny mishaps that happened that week. My brother was about to depart to his destination in Toronto, which was about a twelve hour ride, so we didn’t have a lot of time to reminisce. I don’t recall precisely what we were discussing, but we were engaged in some pretty hearty laughter. Suddenly, my sister abruptly broke her laughter and pointed to the ground. “What’s that?” she inquired. Taken aback from the sudden turn of events, we all fell silent and a thick solemn “air” that you could cut with a knife with engulfed us. We were suddenly aware that before us lay an anomaly that could only be described as a “strange circle”.


The “Strange Circle” taken in July 2009 – one year after the original discovery. Was this a result of a landing pod, or perhaps, the result of a radiation blast emanating centrally from a larger object? You be the judge! In any event, essentially, the circle looked somewhat the same in the summer of 2008 – minus the vegetation. Read about the original discovery describe herein the body of this blog!

P.S. As a further note. I have avoided walking near this circle since its discovery. On a couple occasions – once even a year later – after this discovery, I did experience a some unexplained nauseous dizzy affect along with a bit of stomach upset too! So, understandably, I make a conscious effort to walk around it whenever I’m in the backyard.

SATURDAY AUGUST 2, 2OO8 – An Evening of Classic Canadian Rock

The night before the appearance of the “strange circle” I was sitting out on the front deck of the house with my nephew. We were comfortably perched in our “Walmart Special” plastic molded chairs sipping Colas and listening to tunes. The music we were listening was courtesy of a live concert that was taking place across the lake. In fact, my sister and brother were attending the music jamboree that evening at the local camping facility that we call McLeod Park. I had to explain to my nephew that that was were his mother was at. I distinctly recall, while trying to explaing this, that Canadian Classic Rockers “ Aprilwine” were cranking out their hit song “Sign of the Gypsy Queen”. As my nephew continued to slurp happily upon his Cola, I thought it good that he was unsuspectingly being introduced to some cool Canadian classic rock. Luckily the night was clear, as was the music that conveniently bounced across the water, reverberated throughout the neighborhood and eventually found its way to mine and my nephews attentive ears. We patiently waited and stayed on the deck until we heard the lead singer, Myles, sign off with “ Thank you Geraldton! You’ve been a great audience. Goodnight”. Thereafter, it was only a short while later that we were all together again sitting in comfort of the living room recounting the events of the day and evening before we surrendered ourselves to another night of peaceful and uneventful slumber. Or was it uneventful?

SUNDAY AUGUST 3, 2008 – The “Strange Circle” Continued…

Upon the discovery of the “strange circle” that Sunday morning, I recall we all made our way stealthily toward the anomaly in my backyard. The only way I can describe it is that it looked as though something very heavy with a circumference of approximately three feet had compressed itself upon the ground and flattened the area. It resembled a compression mark that of a barrel of oil might leave had it sat there a very long time. However, as explained earlier, this simply appeared overnight! Moreover, the area of interest was also tinged to a brownish color and the blades of grass were perfectly intact. Having some familiarity with sci-fi and science in general, I was almost sure that this was a radiation burn! However, I had no means to prove the matter, but that was definitely my guess. Ahh, the things you see when you don’t have a Geiger counter! Well upon deliberating on the matter for a bit, we resigned ourselves to the only plausible pop culture explanation. “UFO! Yep UFO for sure!” we surmised and went on to banter and relate stories known to us about UFOs. But, we’ll save that for a future blog for now. In any event, after trading stories for a good hour, we became all too aware that my brother had to hastily depart for his long journey home. So, he gathered up his belongings and we seen him off. For the rest of the day we went upon our business and strangely enough nothing was said further about the “strange circle” for the remainder of the day. Holidays as usual ensued. I think blueberry picking was the order of the day thereafter.

SUNDAY AUGUST 3, 2008 – That Evening

Whilst playing with my nephew and his newly acquired nerf gun, the “strange circle” was about to offer up itself a further clue. This happened when my nephew was innocently unleashing a fury of nerf bullets upon my noggin with every opportunity and with great frequency. It was while attempting to avoid his barrage of nerf bullets that I made a dive toward the ground. It so happened that I landed in close proximity to the ” strange circle”. With my head lying close to circle, facing in its direction, I noticed the nurf bullet that had just narrowly missed my head was lying there on the perimeter of the newly burnt phenom circle. I was about to retrieve it when I noticed another nerf bullet close by that appear “radiated”! Apparently, it was there from the day before when were engaged in the same play. Thus, it must have been exposed to the radiation burn Saturday night? That is my take on it anyways. So, I promptly arose and gathered up both nerf bullets. “Very strange!” I thought to myself as I looked them over. The burnt nerf appeared expanded in size compared to the normal nerf. I suspect that this would be expected if a nerf were to be exposed to a sudden heat blast? With no other adult around to discuss the matter, I simply placed the nerf bullets on the nearby clothesline stand for future inspection. Then we carried on with our play unfettered by this revelation. After a day of outdoor play, my nephew and I, along with the rest of the family spent the evening indoors playing board games. Strangely enough, again, not a word was mention throughout the evening about the “strange circle”. However, just before retiring for the night, I couldn’t help but quip something silly to the affect of ” Gee I hope that thing don’t come back and take us in our sleep!” I think I got a couple of smirks and some forced laughter for that effort. Happily, I can now report, we all made role call the next morning. No further “strange circles” to be had. It was later that day my sister and nephew made their way back to Thunder Bay. That was curtains for summer holidays 2008.

Nerf bullets collected at site. “Radiated” left and Normal on right.


I was talking to my brother on facebook about his plans for departure and arrival for this year’s vacation. This was Wednesday and he was scheduled to arrive for that weekend. In any event, we discussed the talent line up for the music jamboree. Incidentally, 2009’s Classic Canadian Rockers were to be Prism. The discussion of Prism prompted our recollection of their awesomely penned hit “Spaceship Superstar”. With that, how could we not help ourselves but to turn our thoughts to the subject of the “strange circle”? “Well given that you brought it up.” I answered, “ Did I tell you that while mowing the lawn this summer, I noticed that no grass has grown in the “strange circle”?”. Further to that, I went on to tell him that I had taken pictures if he was interested in seeing them. Not too surprisingly, he was. Although, I had only had downloaded them to my hard drive, I immediately posted them to my photobucket account and give him the link for his own inspection. Upon a short recess for his inspection, he messaged that he was indeed intrigued and was looking forward to his visit to see it for himself. Thereafter, we ended up chatting for about an hour with an expulsion of all our known amateur “ufologist” fare, because we’re damn near experts you know!


Well this year’s vacation came and went pretty uneventful compared to last year. Same old, same old. Fishing, camping, wiener roasts and some old classic rock courtesy of Prism. Moreover, I think my nephew is now well versed enough in Canadian Classic Rock – so much so – that his is probably Canada’s only five year old vanguard equipped to preserve that genre. Other than that, at the very least, we all got to once again congregate around the ” strange circle” and further discuss theories in relation to its origin. One theory that I did come up with was that perhaps this circle did not represent the size of the craft, but rather was just a UFO’s radiation blast that emanated from the centre of a larger craft upon landing. Well, yeah while we’re dreaming, I do allow my imagination to run wild. Well after being shot down about that, I think our next best assumption was that the “strange circle” was a result of a a meteor that had crashed and burned. However, I am not totally in agreement with that either, because I contended that if this were true, would it not leave an indent? Or at the very least, some sort of remnant of stone – or of whatever meteors are made of these days? I assure you that evidence of neither was to be found. So, after all was said and done, there was no conclusive explanation to be had. However, one thing we all did agree on was that – it is indeed “strange”!


With another summer long past and vague echoes of “Spaceship Superstar” resonating in my head, I find myself today awaiting the permanence of snow to announce that winter is here to stay! However, before I surrender to winter, I thought I’d take one more photo for posterity. So, that’s what I’ve done.

Alien plants?

Upon close inspection, you will note that some resilient type of weed has taken up residence inside the circle. Finally! However, while discussing this just recently with a friend online, to whom I shared this picture, she observed that the new resident plant in the circle does not appear anywhere else in the picture. Interestingly enough, I did not notice this before discussing this with her the other day around midnight. Having become aware of this speculation that this may be a foreign plant, I proceeded to advise her I was puting her on facebook chat hold. Thereafter, I scooped up a flashlight, put on some galoshes and raced out into my backyard toward the “strange circle” area to explore. I can’t imagine what my neighbors were thinking, because I’m sure one of them must have seen me frantically waving about a flashlight in the yard. But then I thought “These are the same neighbors who have witnessed me making home movies at night about scavenging bears! So, why would this alarm them?” With that comforting thought, I carried on by duly making note of the shape and size of the plant in the circle. Thereafter, I sought out to find others that resembled it in my backyard. After a complete and thorough reconnaissance mission, I had concluded that the plant growing there in the “strange circle” exist only there and nowhere else outside of it! So with that, I went back in and relayed this fascinating fact my friend who by now was thoroughly enthralled by my little story. In fact she told me so. She expressed that having now learning of this new revelation she was now officially jealous the my homegrown “Scooby Doo” mystery. For all my efforts, that did amuse me!

In closing, I wish I can say conclusively what has transpired in my backyard, but I’m at a loss! Upon some contemplation, I thought maybe it best to share with you – the reader – of this fascinating event just in case this now flourishing “plant” should grow a vine overnight and snake its way to my bedroom while I sleep and entangle me in its effort to abduct me! Hmmm? Maybe not such a bad conclusion to this story? I can just hear me now as I get whisked away to “their” rocketship. “Oh is that’s the way you want it eh ya damn plants? Fine!” I think I would probably go quietly but I’d let it be known to “them” that I’ve spent a lifetime preparing and waiting for the opportunity to kick some alien ass! “Take Me To The Kaptin!”

Peace out fella earthlings. Nano Nano!

Take Me To The Kaptin – by Prism

A planet dies and no one cries
so hard to believe
If there were somewhere else to go
you know I’d be the first to leave

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful
but I am afraid I just can’t stay

I had a dream the other night
and as the dream unfurled
I took a trip in a rocket ship
and I found another world

They told me about their Kaptin
then “could I ask him could I stay?”

I said “Take me to the Kaptin!”
And tell him why I’m here
I want to stay in your world
While my world disappears

Wontcha “Take me to the Kaptin!”
And tell him why I’m here
I want to stay in your world
While my world disappears

2nd Verse
Chorus repeat out

BACKYARD UFO UPDATE – Stardate – July 15, 2010

I was out this morning in the backyard after noting a bear had been in the garbage. As I do on most days, I noted the growth of what I’ve always suspected to be a radiation burn by “something”. In place of the “burn” location, that was mostly bare ground three years ago on the weekend of August 3, 2008, I have seen the gradual return of vegetation in the “burn”. In any event, what I did neglect to mention, and was pointed out to me by another family member, was that I neglected to mention the other “burns”. In fact there was most definitely another burn of similar size about 12 feet away near our swing set. Furthermore, there was yet another, of less significance definition another 12 feet away. The three, in my estimation because I never measured at the time, did seem to form a triangular shape. Could it be that the burns were created by landing pods of a UFO? In any event, the one I’ve been concentrating on in this blog was most definitely the most defined burn. As you see above, this is the same one three years later. You tell me, cause I am still dumbfounded by the whole event. I swear the evidence presented here is not fabricated nor contrived! Perhaps, you have a better explanation?


My Sasquatch Story – Occurrence at Split Rock

August 17, 2009

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Photobucket PREAMBLE This blog is dedicated to the memory of Brent who has since passed since I initially wrote this blog. He was a close childhood to adolescent time friend whom I considered my other older brother. His presence will be missed by many. He was a kind and gentle soul and I am honored to have known him. Brent Me and Joe wp This took place when I was in grade nine and it involved a school chum of mine. I don’t think names are important at this time. Besides my friend has taken plenty of ribbing over the years after telling of his encounter with “Bigfoot”. As the story goes, my friend, who was about fourteen at the time, had seen the creature while partridge hunting along a trail that lead off behind the local park. However, after his initial encounter he chose to keep the incident to himself. Knowing he would be ridiculed to no end, he succeeded in keeping it to himself for almost two days before he felt compelled to tell someone. That someone turned out to be a local waitress at the coffee shop and soon thereafter, she disclosed the details to my older brother Ernie. Excited with this news, my brother came home and told my parents. I just happened to be there and immediately found myself mesmerized as I listened intently to the disclosure of the details. Also present, I should mention, was my brother’s best friend Brent. I think initially my parents were a bit skeptical, but after some reflection, they began to recount stories that persisted about the mythical creature amongst some of my relatives and other First Nation people of the region they knew. In any event, Sasquatch is the preferred moniker in these parts of Northwestern Ontario a.k.a. Bigfoot. Sasquatch or Bigfoot? Didn’t matter, because after everything had been discussed, the excitement of us younger folk was piqued. Ernie, Brent and I retreated to the bedroom and began to plot and conspire of the prospect of nabbing us a Sasquatch. You see, even prior to this event, my brother and I had always had books or articles regarding Sasquatch and all his kin in North America and beyond likethe Skunk Ape of Florida or the Yeti of Tibet, the Yowie of Australia and the list goes on. So, you can imagine our enthusiasm as we decided what to do about this revelation. I think we surmised that it was our duty to pursue this matter to quell our own curiosity. In addition, we thought, any outcome would ultimately benefit all humankind I might add, should we find evidence? Yes! We were the chosen ones! After a good deal of discussion we hatched a plan unbeknownst to anyone. Given all our infinite wisdom gathered from all our reading, we knew precisely what needed to be done. We were going to wrangle us a Sasquatch! Or, at the very least, maybe get us some plaster casts of its footprints. It was late in the evening by this time. I do recall my brother did call my friend – the one who had the encounter – of our intentions. Though he did warn us and forbade us to carry on, well…read on. [Let’s not forget, this was a mission to benefit all humankind!] 

It was early next morning, my brother woke me, we had a quick breakfast and then went to gather up Brent. Time was at hand to put our plan in motion. So, we proceeded as fast as we could, just as soon as the hardware store opened to acquire all the standard and necessary tool to wrangle us a Sasquatch. Upon arrival, we entered Marinos Hardware and stealthy went through the aisles to get us our “supplies”. There we were, three excited adolescents scurrying around the store amidst all them tools and ropes and stuff. Convening at each found item, we’d discuss thing like rope size and stuff like that. I can’t imagine what old man Marino was thinking as he eyeballed us on a couple of occasions. With most items acquired on our Sasquatch Wrangling “shopping list”, we had yet found the most coveted item on the list. Suddenly, there it was. We erupted and rejoiced in a collective whoop, as we had now located the plaster. “PLASTER!” yelped Brent. “Yep.” Ernie nodded in agreement. I just stood in silence and drank the moment in. Vivid in my mind to this day, there it was “Plaster” read the box in large bold red font. We all looked to each other momentarily, then each hastily grabbed a box off the shelf. I could only imagine at this point what the old man thinking as he observed this display. With the “mud” in our hands, we convened, and commented on the details as Brent mumbled the instruction aloud. At that point, knowing we had all that we needed, we rushed to the cash register, paid the old man Marino, and out the door we scooted. 

My brother, Ernie had a half ton truck, so we threw the plaster and supplies in the back under a tarp as inconspicuously as we could as other morning shoppers passed on by. Remember this was a covert mission and we couldn’t reveal to anyone what we were up to. Also, under the tarp, I might add, were assorted amounts of baggies and garbage bags we had “borrowed” from the house. You know? To collect hair samples, branches with hair, and stuff of the sort. Basic Sasquatch Wrangling 101 ideals. Can’t say how much we intended on finding, but enough baggies, garbage bags and Ziplock to choke a Yeti, as it were. We were prepared to say the least. We also had an axe, a bucksaw, one handy dandy Swiss army knife and good deal of other sharp stuff! Moreover, we also had a portable cassette machine that recorded. You know? In the event we heard a shrill of the creature in question. What’s more, we were even insightful enough to bring us along one of them Instamatic Kodak cameras, cause as every good Sasquatch wrangler knows, you gotta have pictures! Something tangible. We’d need pictures of the footprints before we plastered them beyond recognition. And besides we’d want to capitalize on those anticipated “photo opps” to show to our kids. Not to sound selfish, besides the photos would be preserved for posterity and for the the benefit of humankind eh?

Anyways, we made our way to “Rotary Park”, which incidentally was at the end of our street. This is where we would venture off into the woods. Our destination was Split Rock. From where we parked the truck we would continued along a well beaten path that went parallel to local lake, Lake Kenogamisis. We knew this path all too well because we would frequent it throughout the year. Only a short 10 minutes we arrived at “ Split Rock”. The place was aptly named by generations before because of its obvious feature. Split Rock was about 5 feet high and 4 feet wide and – you guessed it – it was split right down the middle leaving a gap of about 6 inches. Lightning? Prospector blasting? Important detail as you will see. Anyways, I should mention, Split Rock is actually about 25m to the left where the parallel trail meets the Split Rock trail. To the opposite side of parallel trail is Kenongamisis. This is the junction. If you carry on, on the parallel trail you will reach, what the locals have always called “Shit Creek”. However, that’s another story.

Anyways, it was at this junction our friend encountered the Sasquatch. He heard rustling in the bush southeast toward Shit Creek. Thinking it was a bear, he raced to seek to conceal himself behind “Split Rock”. Thinking to himself, he was only out for partridge and not able to defend himself from a bear, there he sought refuge. Hope against hope, with only his 22 caliber rifle with him, he crouched behind the rock and prayed the supposed bear would not detect him. With the noise now closer and closer, he began to tremble. Suddenly, just through hearing, he knew the “bear” was at the clearing at the junction. At the junction incidentally the path that swathed toward the lake was about 30-50 feet wide. At this point, he’s pondering the thought of the possibility that the bear might be walking toward Split Rock and what were his options. Was it curiosity or instinct that got the best of him? Whatever, it was he decided he would look through the crack that was the “split” in Split Rock.

According to my brother’s first hand account of the telling of our friend’s tale, this is when things got very interesting. Upon peering through the crack, our friend was dumbfounded to say the least. Standing there, was not a bear as he thought, but rather the “mythical” creature Sasquatch. Apparently, at this moment when he peered out the burly beast had just stepped out on to the trail at the junction. A meer 25m away. He related to my brother, that at this point, Sasquatch stopped for what seemed to be an eternity – which in fact may have been a half-minute – to sniff around. Perhaps he smelled the rifle or just to get his bearings, Sasquatch then lumbered off back into the woods – towards town! Now was he to do? Between him and the town was a Sasquatch!

Fast forward to recent times. It wasn’t until later years that my friend would relate to me, he was thinking all the while if the Sasquatch were to come in his direction he thought he would have no choice but to shoot it.“ Right between the eyes”. He also, went on to say ” Clarence. I was shaking SO MUCH! That prospect of shooting him with my 22 would have not even have been possible.”. It was at this point, he further elaborated, that he after Sasquatch had wandered off, he was so paralyzed with fear, he could not bring himself to move for about two hours thereafter. With him knowing Sasquatch was heading toward town, he certainly did not want to risk running into it again should he take a chance and run to toward Rotary Park. With that, he said he just waited it out for what he described as an “eternity” until he could find his legs and to get them to stop wobbling. Once he felt confident he could run, run he did without ever looking back. 

Back to the story. For us avid amateur Sasquatch wranglers, we were sure to check out the vantage point from behind Split Rock to the lake. In fact, we were indeed able to see clearly see through the crack without any obstructions to were the Sasquatch was to have allegedly emerged from the bush. So, with that knowledge, we carried on to substantiate other facts to the story. What about the footprints.

Given, the copious amounts of plaster we had purchased, obtaining footprints casts were our biggest hope. Excited, yet cautious, we made our way to were Sasquatch was purported to have been standing. All the while as we approached the site, we scoured the ground – baggies in hand – looking for hairs. Nothing to be had. However, upon reaching the exact location of the alleged Sasquatch crossing, Brent was first to find what appeared to be a couple of indents of substantial size. The indents, however, much to our despair were near filled with water. Consequently, the indents or “footprints?” due to rain could not be distinguished for the edges may have been washed away. It had rained the evening before for a bit. Moreover, I have to mention, that this specific site has a somewhat hard clay surface, but I believe a heavy person or “humanoid” could leave an impression in certain areas not overgrown with grass. Having succumbed to the reality we would not be able to make a convincing plaster casts, we decided to further investigate the wooded area. With our knowledge acquired from books, we knew to look for evidence of the creature’s hair on tree branches, or for telltale signs like broken branches. We did in fact note some red willows branches that were bent at right angles, but not completely broken. For anyone knowing of the bush, willows are hard to break. Much to our chagrin there were no hairs to be found. Having felt defeated on all accounts, we retreated back to our existence of “wannabee” cryptozologists. No hair, no photos, no recording and no plaster casts. However, despite all that, in retrospect we can claim a few glorious moments of adolescent adventure that made us “Sasquatch wranglers” that we can now attribute to as treasured memories. 


What happened to our friend? He is in B.C. A strange place to go if you want to avoid Sasquatch if you ask me? Or, you have to ask yourself, is he REALLY trying to avoid another encounter? Hmm? Also, it is important to note, he tells me, he has never went hunting ever again. Upon the couple of times I have seen him, we can’t help but discuss the matter. To him, the evidence is conclusive to say the least. To me? Hell yes! His saying he saw it is evidence enough for me. The better question is, do you believe it?


P.S. Having worked as a journalist and with more that a passing interest of the subject at hand, I have heard other similar stories over the years by other people who have had encounters with the big fellow. In fact I have one account of another friend, who as a boy, came face to face with Sasquatch. Apparently, while with his father at their trapping cabin in the woods in the Winter, he peered out the window one night to see why the dogs were barking. So he opened his curtains, only to find Sasquatches massive head pressed against the glass. He went onto, tell me in detail every contour of the face he had seen. But, we’ll save that story for another time. As for me, though I’d really like to see one, I think I’ll keep my immediate encounters confined to the television for the next time I rent “Harry and the Hendersons”. 


Clarence a.k.a. “ Junior Sasquatch Wrangler ”

Patterson-Gimlin Film Still

Patterson-Gimlin Film Still

P.S. If you are interested to learn more of Sasquatch, a.ka. Bigfoot, there is certainly no shortage of it on the internet. However, this is a likely place to start. Above is a still – frame 352 – of the most famous footage known to exist of Bigfoot dubbed the Patterson – Gimlin film. Watch the footage below and you be the judge. Hoax? You tell me!

More at wikipedia here! And just in the event you haven’t already had enough entertainment, then do check out this hilarious song by Stompin’ Tom Connors called The Sasquatch Song. Funny!