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Carrying The Stick

June 29, 2010

Just a short little blog. I was going through my record collection and decided to change some more to mp3 files. All the while, I was looking at what was coming across the wire and on YouTube regarding the G-20 Summit protest. Coincidentally, I was listening to Canadian Classic rockers Queen City Kids and recollected their song Carrying The Stick. I always thought it was pretty cool tune, however, they never did release a video for it. So, just as an experiment, I thought I’d marry it to a G-20 video I found on YouTube. I think the result turned out fairly well. Have a look by pressing the link here!

If you are interested in the audio mp3 only, you can find it here!


In any event, it’s all going to come out in the wash in the media in the following days. However, it is clear some have criminal intent, and are clearly not interested in abiding by what is provided by in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms that promotes the right to “peaceful assembly”. Conversely, clearly others were exercising that right and and feel that their civil liberties were violated by the police. Moreover, the police think too, that they were well within in their means to uphold the law and protect the citizens of their jurisdiction from the criminal element and conceived threats they thought to be percolating in the midst of the peaceful demonstrators. In addition, we learn of new legislation enacted by the Ontario government that gives police more powers than they’ve ever had before. We also know, that the police utilized tactics to which they admit of using provocateurs as a means to diminish and perhaps disgrace the tactics of the anarchists. In any event, there is enough out there and things are still coming to light hourly that will give each of us the means to make our own judgement. This blog isn’t about that. This is simply a video. I don’t know that it has a message, but to say that the anarchist and police will always clash! I’ve heard it said it is wise to walk quietly, but to also carry a big stick. So, in society, who is really carrying the stick? Is it the government, the media, the anarchists, the peaceful demonstrators/ civilians in a democracy, or the police? I guess we all decide and wield our powers and carry our own stick in a manner that is right to us to express our beliefs. Thanks for the visit. Comments welcome!


P.S. If you are interested in seeing the original YouTube video you can have a look here!Found the music a bit too ominous and dramatic btw.


Zon – Put On A Show – LP to mp3 Tutorial

June 13, 2010


Part deux of my experiment of converting LPs to mp3s. I’ve reiterated the tech requirements and how-to below. This time I’m featuring the Canadian Classic Rockers, ZON and their song Put On A Show from the Astral Projector album. Can you tell I like my Classic Rock? I found this one at a Value Village I believe. If you want to take a moment, you can read more obut them at wikipedia here!. In any event, I’m thinking they sound a whole lot like early Styx!

To listen to Zon – Put On A Show now, simply click here!

Here’s the how-to. Quite simple really.


I used the free Audacity software program and it worked fine! [Download link below,] Incidentally, when you download Audacity, you also have to download the “LAME” plug-in to convert the default sampled [wav] file to [mp3]. Keep and save the sample as “wav” if you want to burn to a playable CD or However, “Export as mp3” for your player. The info to download LAME is explained at the Audacity site. As a further note. Myself, I generally use Adobe Audition for refined clean up of clicks and pops. However, if your LP is in relatively good shape then Audacity works great with it’s click and pop removal found in its Effect dropdown menu. You can download Audacity here!

Oh, and almost forgot. As for hooking up your turntable, you can find turntables out there that come equipped with a USB plug. In the event you are using an older model with an RCA plug, then be sure to find an RCA to a 1/8 inch mini-plug adapter plug at your favorite electronic store for a couple of bucks. This will allow you to plug your “record player” into either the LINE IN or MIC plug in on your laptop or tower. That’s it! OH! You may have to play with your settings for Audio/Recording to set to LINE IN or MIC to detect the turntable. This can be found in your CONTROL PANEL. I think that’s it? Good luck and happy converting! 🙂

P.S. If you are so inclined and would like a download visit here! We’ll see how long it stay there. I don’t want to infringe, but this is for the purpose of education. I ranted at the link a bit at the link. Forgive me. Anywaaaays…

P.S.S. On a lighter note, my 8 year old nephew was visiting. I thought it might be a good idea to scan and print two copies of the Album art. So I did! Then I cut the “Astral Projector” face such that it resembled the Lone Ranger mask by cutting out the “eyes”. We did this on the sly then went into the kitchen. We ended up scaring the hell out of his Mom. So, you see, not only am I a Tech Geek, I am a very well-rounded geek in general. 🙂

FIST – In The Red – All Selections

June 13, 2010

Ottawa Classic Canadian rockers release Into The Red 1983


Just a new experiment in music preservation by me. Something to do on this rainy day. As a part of my preservation experiment, I’m taking old LP records and cleaning them up and converting them to mp3s. The cuts heard here are non-existent and not available on CD because they were never released…so far as I know. Furthermore, as a disclaimer – and because I am a songwriter – I don’t promote copyright infringement, but I do believe that good music needs to be preserved. The record companies that once promoted bands like Fist obviously lost all interest in them, given they never saw fit to release a CD version. So, here is some rare good Canadian rock music! I present to you, as part of this rainy day experiment, Ottawa rockers FIST! My initial selection from their album “In The Red” is Over The Line. BTW, I found this album at Value Village I do believe?


Just digitized the album again. Another day and it should be up. I’m thinking I’ll put it in Box[dot]com for access. Just need another day because I have to process it to get out some of the nicks and scratches. The album is old and I didn’t take too good of care for it. The last two tracks on side two need work. Hopefully, I can restore to it’s full glory. Wait should be worth it. SOOOOOON! 🙂

UPDATE***IT’S HERE!***UPDATE***March 08 2012***

Fist - In The Red back of album cover with song sequence.

Listen to Over The Line here!
Listen to Street Fighting Heroes here!
Listen to Day By Day here!
Listen to Gimme Love here!
Listen to Dirty Girl here!
Listen to New York City here!
Listen to When I’m Bad I’m Better here!
Listen to Crazy On You here!
Listen to It Ain’t Good here!

* NOTE: Under Cover Lover and If I’m Not Loved need extra time to correct some terrible skips and scratches. Should be able to do that soon. Stay tuned.

P.S. Sorry couldn’t make them downloadable. However, I’m sure there is a way to do it? I seem to recall a program mp3tomp3 had that capability. I’m sure there’s others?

Over The Line

March 6th I put the link to the original version of Over the Line by Eddie Shwartz. Just leaving it here as a matter of interest.

In closing, if you are so inclined to learn more about the band FIST – and I encourage to do so – go to the link here!

*Note – This was just a test. I was glad to have had the opportunity to share with you here. Thanks for the visit!