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Cloudbusting with Clarence

July 12, 2009

I was just sitting around waiting for the rain to go away and got to thinking that someone out there must be “cloudbusting”. (More about that later in this blog. Watch first!) So, that got me to thinking of Wihelm Reich and a couple of videos I was aware of and thought maybe I’d just share them with you in this blog.

First up is a beautifully shot short film based on the true story of revolutionary scientist and humanitarian Dr. Wilhelm Reich. It depicts his invention that became to be known as a “cloudbuster, that purportedly had the ability to make it rain. Although this is a wonderfully shot film, the writer took some liberities and exercised some poetic licence so far as I can see. Not as I read anyways. Nonetheless a nice little piece of art!

If you enjoyed that, then you will likely want to check out Kate Bush’s musical interpretations and visual rendition of the same event. This is an awesome video featuring Donald Sutherland and Kate Bush.

If you have gotten this far, then you’ll probably want to read up more about Wilhelm Riech at Wikipedia. If so, be sure to scroll down and read “Orgone accumulators and cloudbusters” once you get there. (I like the part where they say he may have used the “machine” to fight off UFO’s. That in itself makes me want to build one myself…or…have I already?)
Oh, how about that? Just as I predicted. In the time I figured it would take to write this, it stopped raining. Coincidence?

Now I just wish they’d make a feature film. Here’s the link to Wilhelm Reich at Wikipedia!


Convert YouTube audio to mp3

May 21, 2009

As the title suggests, here is a little handy tutorial if you are interested in acquiring audio from a video you’ve seen on YouTube such that it can be formatted in a manner that it can be played later as an mp3 file on your player.

First off you have to download this FREE software at CNET. Here is the link to Free YouTube to mp3. It only takes a minute or two! Just Save to your “Download” file folder and “Run” thereafter. (Just a note, CNET downloads are safe and generally contain no viruses or bad stuff. Personally speaking, I’ve never encountered any problems downloading at CNET.)

Once you’ve downloaded and run the setup, the program should have automatically installed an icon on your desktop that looks like this.

My nephew as a screensaver. Brat!

My nephew as a screensaver. Brat!

Click on the icon as illustrated and it will launch the program. A page that looks like this will pop up.

Start Page

Start Page

Click on selection number “3” and the following page will follow.

Copy and Paste

For the purpose of this video, I used an 80’s Canadian Classic tune by Loverboy doing a live version of their song Turn Me Loose. ( Just as a note, I wanted an mp3 version of the song that I do not already have and is not commercially available. That’s where I find the value in this software.)

So at this point, go to YouTube and copy the URL for the song of your choice. For the purpose of this tutorial I am using Loverboy – Turn Me Loose.

Loverboy - Turn Me Loose

With your copied version of the URL, return to the converter program and paste it in the space provided. The program will automatically detect it. Thereafter, you can select the desired folder to download it to.

Paste and Save

Now hit the “Download” button in the bottom right and you are set!
( Note: I found that the process takes about 75% of the running time of the video to download. Therefore, this five and half minute video took about 3 and half minutes. No glitches or problems! )

The only other thing I did was trim off the end of the audio and add a fade utilizing Adobe Audtion. However, there are plenty of other audio editors free on line at CNET if you do not have an editor already.

Audacity comes to mind.

Well that’s it for now! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!


P.S. Here is the resulting mp3 for Loverboy – Turn Me Loose available for download at this link here if you are so inclined!

Watch blocked YouTube “Shows” from Canada!

May 1, 2009

IS YOUTUBE blocking you from watching movies and TV shows just because you are not in the US? If you’re like me and find that annoying, here is a little trick I just learned. Go to this site that hides your IP address. It will open in a separate window so you will be able to refer back to this page. ( I know it’s a weird name, but it works!) Click here


* I don’t know how long this tutorial will be effective, cause these
hacks have a habit of getting shutdown in short order. But for now it works!


Once there, you will note that youtube is in the search bar by default.
So, if you are going to YouTube then just click the “Hide My Ass!” icon

This will take you to youtube mainpage (Worldwide)

Click on Shows…then…find your show…and your ready to watch!

I clicked on comedy and watched an episode of ALF, however, before it starts you will have to view an advertisement, so be patient.
(I used to love watching ALF back in the day!)

In addition, I also tried the movie “Slacker” that was apparently R rated, therefore YouTube prompted me to sign in to verify that I was older than eighteen. Luckily I already have a YouTube user account. Once I signed in and verified I was over 18 years of age I was able to watch. So, that being said, you may have to create an account if you are looking to watch R rated movies.

That’s all! Hope you found this helpful!