New Music Talent – Aboriginal Women

Just a quick blog to share with you some finds of mine, while browsing YouTube, that focus on what I believe to be are up and coming talent that you should keep an eye on. As the title suggest, this blog is specific to Aboriginal Women. However, I don’t know all that much more about them, other than what is on written on their sites and brief writing exchanges. I did in fact “friend” and subscribed to their YT Channels of fb Page and noted some growth and activity in their musical endeavors, which is always good to hear. In any event, if you’re accustomed to the usual suspects, and there are a lot, here is some refreshing talent for you to discover and enjoy as I did. So, with that being said and without further adieu, first up….

Erin Arbichon – Cover of “Joey” by Concrete Blonde jamming it out with her Dad and friends. Great pipes! Hope she sticks with it. Probably the youngest of this selection. From in and around Edmonton I believe?

Nashina Esquega – jamming out a blues tune at Thunder Bay’s Bluesfest. I know a little about her from what golfing buddy Carol – the Bass player – explained to me. However, she’s taken a hiatus from the band to go back to school last I heard.

Candance Twance a.k.a Sea Ballast, another gal from the Thunder Bay Region. Was recently a contestant in NCI Radio’s Country Jam in Winnipeg, and did well from what I heard. Some more vids of that to be found on YT.

Marmie a.k.a. MoviesTilDawn, cover’s Ashton Shepard “Look It Up” The talent I know I least about, but she posts often. She has a great tone to here voice. Apparently, now doing originals. From Saskatchewan I think. Keep an ear out!

Kathia Rock. I just learned of her. An Innu gal from Northern Quebec? In any event, this particular song has a traditional feel with contemporary production values. Liking it and look forward to hearing more.

Well like I said, it’s just a brief blog to write as I await to watch the Sundance Film Fest live streaming to begin. Which is now. Please let me know of more up and coming talent – both men and women if you are so inclined. That being said, this certainly was not meant to be a complete list, but rather a snapshot of the growing breadth and styles that exist within Canada’s Aboriginal Music Community. Hope you enjoyed your visit!



P.S. Yes I will write one for the males too. Watch this space!

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