See Forever Eyes – Who’s That Girl?


Looking right through you she knows who you are she’s got
See Forever Eyes
A spirit obsessed, a vision possessed with universal inner sight
No stranger to love she’s had many men but none of them survived
Her crystal excites so follow the light of her
See Forever Eyes

I was revisiting my LP and cassette collection today and have always liked the music of the Canadian Classic rock band Prism. Anything done with original singer Ron Tabak by the way is what I consider their classic era. Their self-titled album, See Forever Eyes, Armageddon and Young and Restless. Luckily, I was able to see them live in my earliest days of attending concerts. It was in Thunder Bay at the Lakehead University Fieldhouse that I was able to see them up close and personal. I remember it well and was quite enthralled with Ron Tabak’s performance with the band. Been a fan ever since!


Of course, I was saddened to hear of his early demise as a result of an accident on Christmas Day in 1984. More about that and the history of the band later. In any event, back to me looking through my record collection which is stored in the basement room, that can pretty well be described as a shrine to the 70s. Anyways, as I sometimes do, I flipped through my plastic milk cases filled with LPs and seem to always stop upon at least one Prism album. On this occasion, I stopped at the See Forever Eyes record and picked it up for closer inspection. I thought to myself, “that’s a pretty cool graphic for its time”. Then I began to ponder how they might have gone about doing up the graphics and how it was realized because that stuff interests me. Yeah, I’m a geek that way! After a few minutes of that I went on to put the album on the turntable and listened to the whole first side, where upon its completion, I went upstairs to make tea and check up on the facebook happenings.

With tea in hand I proceeded to my computer to log on. Interestingly enough, and as if by coincidence, on one of the facebook groups I subscribe to, I found an intriguing update. I was about to find out, that my query to my question about the cover was about to be revealed to me after all these years. The group I speak of is ” Fans of PRISM – The Ron Tabak Era”. Funny how stuff like that happens huh? Anyways, group ”Admin”, Al Baker, had an update for the members which read, ” This site is indebted to so many people who have submitted images and insights. Please now enjoy this wonderful collection by professional photographer Charles Hope of Calgary Alberta —a simply fantastic pictoral history of the band covering three tours–See Forever Eyes, Armageddon and Young & Restless.” Well, with that announcement, I immediately continued on to view the new photos. “Wow, what a great collection!” I thought to myself, as I began to go through these never before seen photographs. I was not disappointed. There are close to 400 images there. Everything from professionally taken pics of the band, to old ticket stubs submitted by fans. So, as I am about halfway through the this treasure trove of Prism memorabilia, there it was! “See Forever Eyes”, the album cover. But, what followed is what really blew me away. In the pictures that followed I was finally to learn how that album cover came about. Apparently, the album cover is inspired by a model. Yes! A real girl that was active in modeling back in the day. Her name is Plonja Apollonia Von Ravenstein. “And now you know!” as veteran radio broadcaster, Paul Harvey used to say ” the rest of the story.” Or do you? Hell no! Well it seems this lady went on to have a very successful modeling career.


Upon further investigation, I found out that she is of Dutch ancestry and it seems was an influence for some of Andy Warhol’s work throughout the 70s and early 80s.


She was also, allegedly, Mick Jaggers girlfriend at one time too. I also learned that she was featured in a music video by Golden Earring for their song Quiet Eyes. I viewed the video just now on YouTube and can tell you that it is quite a good video. In the video Ms. Von Ravenstein plays a stripper in a seedy bar. Incidentally, it also focuses on her “eyes”. Something about those eyes. Have a look if you are so inclined.



Beholding the mirror her eyes give a feeling of lonely vacant skies
Soaring above always searching for love the soul within her flies
Caught by a glance, in a gossamer trance, woven by her lies
Compelling them nearer, dispelling their fear with her
See Forever Eyes

Upon inspection of the album cover, it is noted in the credit the album cover was in fact inspired by a shoot for VIVA magazine featuring Ms. Plonja Apollonia Von Ravenstein


As observed below, you may gather to guess which of the two is the more likely candidate for the See Forever Eyes cover?


Here is a close up of the lower image. An eerily close resemblance don’t you think to the resulting cover?


Further to this, as an amusement to myself, I endeavored to do a mock up of the photo above in Photoshop. I simply added a pastel edge effect to the photo. Voila! What do you think?


Well, I think that just about answers the question as to who the woman on the cover of Prism’s See Forever Eyes is. A nod goes to the facebook group “Fans of PRISM: The Ron Tabak Era” and all the great contributors and fans. Please do visit the group, or better yet, join! Anyways, the group hosts a great archive of photos of the band and many wonderful pictures of Ron Tabak in all eras of his life. Also, if you are interest to learn more of the model Apollonia Von Ravenstein then please visit here. ( FYI. I’m on Google Chrome and it asks for an automatic translation from Dutch to English. If you are using another search engine, you may have to Google her first, then Google will ask you for a translation.) In closing, I doubt she rarely sits on turtles these days to apply make up? In fact, she is indeed happily married to Capt. Edward Van Zaane who commands a Holland American cruise ship that is reportedly now touring the Alaska run.


Further to all the revelations I found as part of this investigation, I have yet to find any evidence that Appolonia is even aware that she did indeed inspire the cover of See Forever Eyes? I’m sure VIVA magazine would have had talks. Perhaps? Maybe? Who knows? So, if you see her in your travels, be sure you bring along a copy of See Forever Eyes to have her sign it. In the event she is aware, I’d certainly like to be there to witness her reaction. 😉


So, there you go. Now you know ” the rest of the story…G’day!”

Thank you to Paul Harvey for that quote and most definitely thank you too to Ron Tabak who will alway be remembered by Prism fans everywhere as an exceptional vocalist! Thanks Ron for the memories.


Thanks for the visit!

Clarence Michon

P.S. More about the band Prism? Maybe start here.

P.S. Shout out photographer, Charles Hope, who runs a professional studio out of Calgary for providing the black and whites seen here. There are many more photos of Ron Tabak and Prism to be found exclusive to the “Fans of PRISM: The Ron Tabak Era’ facebook group by the way. Also, be sure to check out Charles Hope’s other fine work at his biz website here.

P.S.S. Most importantly! If you are a true fan of Prism, or are interested of learning more about one of Canada’s finest Classic Canadian rock bands, be sure to join the facebook group Fans of PRISM: The Ron Tabak Era by linking to it here.

FYI. BTW, I just recently found this at a garage sale. Don’t know that an 8-track ever existed, but I did once find Young and Restless on 8-track. Got lost in my travels. So, I’m thinking there must exist an 8-track “See Forever Eyes”? Anyways…

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5 Comments on “See Forever Eyes – Who’s That Girl?”

  1. terry lacey Says:

    hi clarence i was reading your comments about the prism site,i started at first glance to skim threw then because of your unique way of discription i found myself going back and reading it in full,very good thanks!! i was good friend of rons

  2. Al Baker Says:

    Hey, that’s an interesting SFE cassette cover as song titles in the A and B sides are mixed up…

    Hey Clarence, I have the first 3 releases on 8-Track and am looking for “Young and Restless”. I wonder if “All The Best From Prism” (1980) was ever in 8-track format too.

    • cyoungblood Says:

      Hello Al, Never occurred to me the sequence of the songs were out of order. Thanks for pointing that out. Wonder if that’s an anomaly for this printing or if all cassettes were made that way?

      In regards to 8-tracks, I did find Young and Restless at a thrift shop once in Thunder Bay and left it in the van I was driving at the time under a seat. However, the van got stolen! So, if I ever find a See Forever Eyes on Craigslist or somewhere, I may find someone who is highly suspect of stealing my van, given how rare that 8-track must be. LOL!

      P.S. Given All the Best was 1980, there might be a possibility an 8-track does exist. Let you know if I ever happen across one. Cheers!

  3. jan de waal Says:


    Nice to

    Look this movie of her ex-husband Bart van Leeuwen and his dutch book Nabelichting ISBN 9789078905561

    greeting jan de waal

  4. Robert {SKINNY } Eichner Says:

    I’am 66 years old was turned on to prism in 78 have been a follower all these years,getting a little old to do any partying like in the old days but still like to rock out heavy some days. stumbled on to this info about see forever eyes best info. I have found in years,very good information. Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!

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