Carrying The Stick

Just a short little blog. I was going through my record collection and decided to change some more to mp3 files. All the while, I was looking at what was coming across the wire and on YouTube regarding the G-20 Summit protest. Coincidentally, I was listening to Canadian Classic rockers Queen City Kids and recollected their song Carrying The Stick. I always thought it was pretty cool tune, however, they never did release a video for it. So, just as an experiment, I thought I’d marry it to a G-20 video I found on YouTube. I think the result turned out fairly well. Have a look by pressing the link here!

If you are interested in the audio mp3 only, you can find it here!


In any event, it’s all going to come out in the wash in the media in the following days. However, it is clear some have criminal intent, and are clearly not interested in abiding by what is provided by in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms that promotes the right to “peaceful assembly”. Conversely, clearly others were exercising that right and and feel that their civil liberties were violated by the police. Moreover, the police think too, that they were well within in their means to uphold the law and protect the citizens of their jurisdiction from the criminal element and conceived threats they thought to be percolating in the midst of the peaceful demonstrators. In addition, we learn of new legislation enacted by the Ontario government that gives police more powers than they’ve ever had before. We also know, that the police utilized tactics to which they admit of using provocateurs as a means to diminish and perhaps disgrace the tactics of the anarchists. In any event, there is enough out there and things are still coming to light hourly that will give each of us the means to make our own judgement. This blog isn’t about that. This is simply a video. I don’t know that it has a message, but to say that the anarchist and police will always clash! I’ve heard it said it is wise to walk quietly, but to also carry a big stick. So, in society, who is really carrying the stick? Is it the government, the media, the anarchists, the peaceful demonstrators/ civilians in a democracy, or the police? I guess we all decide and wield our powers and carry our own stick in a manner that is right to us to express our beliefs. Thanks for the visit. Comments welcome!


P.S. If you are interested in seeing the original YouTube video you can have a look here!Found the music a bit too ominous and dramatic btw.

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