FIST – In The Red – All Selections

Ottawa Classic Canadian rockers release Into The Red 1983


Just a new experiment in music preservation by me. Something to do on this rainy day. As a part of my preservation experiment, I’m taking old LP records and cleaning them up and converting them to mp3s. The cuts heard here are non-existent and not available on CD because they were never released…so far as I know. Furthermore, as a disclaimer – and because I am a songwriter – I don’t promote copyright infringement, but I do believe that good music needs to be preserved. The record companies that once promoted bands like Fist obviously lost all interest in them, given they never saw fit to release a CD version. So, here is some rare good Canadian rock music! I present to you, as part of this rainy day experiment, Ottawa rockers FIST! My initial selection from their album “In The Red” is Over The Line. BTW, I found this album at Value Village I do believe?


Just digitized the album again. Another day and it should be up. I’m thinking I’ll put it in Box[dot]com for access. Just need another day because I have to process it to get out some of the nicks and scratches. The album is old and I didn’t take too good of care for it. The last two tracks on side two need work. Hopefully, I can restore to it’s full glory. Wait should be worth it. SOOOOOON! 🙂

UPDATE***IT’S HERE!***UPDATE***March 08 2012***

Fist - In The Red back of album cover with song sequence.

Listen to Over The Line here!
Listen to Street Fighting Heroes here!
Listen to Day By Day here!
Listen to Gimme Love here!
Listen to Dirty Girl here!
Listen to New York City here!
Listen to When I’m Bad I’m Better here!
Listen to Crazy On You here!
Listen to It Ain’t Good here!

* NOTE: Under Cover Lover and If I’m Not Loved need extra time to correct some terrible skips and scratches. Should be able to do that soon. Stay tuned.

P.S. Sorry couldn’t make them downloadable. However, I’m sure there is a way to do it? I seem to recall a program mp3tomp3 had that capability. I’m sure there’s others?

Over The Line

March 6th I put the link to the original version of Over the Line by Eddie Shwartz. Just leaving it here as a matter of interest.

In closing, if you are so inclined to learn more about the band FIST – and I encourage to do so – go to the link here!

*Note – This was just a test. I was glad to have had the opportunity to share with you here. Thanks for the visit!

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6 Comments on “FIST – In The Red – All Selections”

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  2. Dan B Says:

    I got a copy of this on CD.. I contact Ron Chenier the founding member of the band. He has a home studio and got his band to autograph the CD for me, thus so it is available on CD and at a cheap price.. I paid 30.00 shipping included from Winipeg for In The Red and fleet Street. The Following link might be able tto help you and your listeners get a copy… here is the link cheers.. Dan

    • cyoungblood Says:

      Thanks Dan for the link. I was not aware of the CD. I will put the link on my post. Read your next post too. I do have the first and second Zon on LP. I do digitize if I can’t find it for my own listening purpose on my mp3 player. If you’re on facebook, that is the easiest way or otherwise try me at Look forward to hearing more from you. Hope to do more posting myself soon!

  3. Day By Day is probably the best heavy metal song I ever heard. Priceless !

  4. Joey Says:

    Wow, this brings back a ton of memories, I seen these guys in a bar in Kitimat,B.C. a loooong time ago, they were great, blew away the crowd with the volume and just good metal, the good old days!! Thanks for perserving this album J.O.

  5. Shawn Cruickshank Says:

    Awesome. Not sure if this will ever reach you, but thank you.

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