The Day Kelton Harvey Got Abducted – A True Alien Story!

In remembrance of my good friend Kelton Harvey on the approach of the fortieth anniversary since Kelton went missing. To beknownst to me and friends in retrospect, Kelton had no parents that we knew of. Where did he come from? That July weekend holiday forty years ago he disappeared! No adults missed him. Only us kids. In a few short weeks, Kelton taught us everything that we would be in his own way of giving us “lessons”. Then that day with the appearance of the “UFO Incident” Kelton was gone forevermore to never be seen again. On that day – July 2nd – which is incidentally is my birthday, I will give you my true account of this day! {To be continued ].. Kelton’s last words were “We’ll see you again.” He looked back at me. He threw the football. I caught it. I looked at the end-zone. Just before the touchdown Kelton glanced back. In a moments glance, Kelton disappeared into the willows. That last look before he did, I detected an earthly sadness in his eyes, as wanting a love he never knew before. Perhaps telepathically, what Kelton was saying. ” there is consequence far beyond imagination that I will understand later”. That I remember/. More than that, that was inferred. I knew it then. I know it now! Since then, Kelton has given me “signs”. I think it’s time to tell the story.

Stay tuned! Here is the article headline that appeared in the paper the day after Kelton Harvey disappeared. Will alert you all on July 2nd. Peace! The Day Kelton Harvey Dissappeard!

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