Native Americans – Descendants of Chinese Shang Dynasty?

On Wednesday January 20, 2010 Coast to Coast AM host, George Noory interviewed researcher and historian Charlotte Harris Rees. The premise of her interview was to propose the question, ” Is there evidence that ancient America was discovered and colonized long before Christopher Columbus?”

An intriguing question indeed! A big part of her interview revolved around a long lost ancient map that may prove that the Chinese were in fact on North America soil long before Columbus. Perhaps even as far back as 2500 B.C.

Furthermore, she went on to talk of how the Human Genome Project also supports the fact that Native Americans are descendants of an ancient Chinese Dynasty! Ancient Chinese secret huh?


In 1972 the late Dr. Hendon M. Harris, Jr. made a startling discovery. While searching for Chinese collectibles he came across an ancient Asian map book containing a world map showing a land mass labeled “Fu Sang” to the east of China, land that we today call America.

After years of research and his discovery of the existence of twenty-nine other supporting maps, Dr. Harris published a 796 page book titled The Asiatic Fathers of America. That book has long been out of print and for years after Dr. Harris’ death the map collection just lay in a box under his son’s bed. In 2003, with the sudden world-wide interest in this topic, the family took the maps to the Library of Congress. For three years the maps were there while being studied.

On May 16, 2005 Dr. Harris’ daughter, Charlotte Harris Rees, gave a speech at the Library of Congress about the early arrival of Chinese to America (CLICK HERE for a full transcript).

However, prior to reading the transcript, I encourage you to listen to the Coast to Coast AM radio interview first. Thereafter, I think upon reading the transcript, you will find it explains the above maps that she also references in the interview. The interview puts forth her father’s theory very well and gets quite involved supported by some convincing documents and testimony. So, if you are such intrigued, please listen to the unedited interview now! Note, however, that this 12 minute interview is only the second half of her full interview . The first half basically reiterates the text link above. Listen NOW!

In the interest of hearing the full interview, I suggest you do this. Go to the CJOB radio station and you will find their “Audio Vault” there down on the left side of the page closer to the bottom. Here is the link.
. Once there simply enter the “Date” January 21, 2010 and the “Time” 01:00 am and you should be set to listen as illustrated below.

Note: You will have to listen to the “Top of the Hour News” and other extraneous stuff. Thereafter the interview with Charlotte Harris Rees starts at 21 min 15 sec. I hope to put Part One of the already posted mp3 interview above soon. In the meantime this is only way to listen to the full unedited interview.

FYI. If you see this books in your travels, then pick it up because it is very rare! Once you’re done with it then you can give it to me! 😉

Finally, here is the link to Charlotte Harris Rees’ website where you will find many more links and info pertinent to this blog. Hope you enjoyed your listen and read! Peace! Link here.

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