Brian Michon – Nationally Recognized Portrait Artist

Brian Michon - Portrait Artist's Self Portrait

Brian Michon - Portrait Artist's Self Portrait

I was inclined to write an article regarding my brother’s recent selection to partake in the Kingston Portrait Prize – Canada’s National Portrait Competition. The prestigious competition, held annually, requests artists to submit the best representation of their work. 2009 boasts nearly 500 entries, however, only the top 30 are selected to go on to finals. Not too surprisingly, my brother’s painting was one of those 30. The painting submitted is that of my parents, Elsie and Lloyd Michon. Originally the painting was only to be a 50th anniversay gift for their marriage, however, Brian had an inkling that the portrait might just stand up to the high caliber of art the Kingston Portrait Competition has been known to receive. So, enter he did. In early July he was informed he was in the running. The portrait below is the submission.

Elsie and Lloyd Michon 50th Anniversary Portriat by Brian Michon

Initially, I wrote an article for the local newspaper which in turn seems to have generated a bit of a regional media frenzy. The initial story was submitted to our local gazette while Brian was vacationing at home this summer.

Time Star - The Brian Michon Portrait Story

For a version of the full story in printable format, you can visit here.

Moreover, Brian was interviewed by Gordon Graham for his regional CBC Radio One program “Voyage North” which broadcasts out of Thunder Bay, Ontario. In the interview, Brian recounts in detail how he approached the painting and its inspiration. The interview runs 6:37. To hear the full unedited/ downloadable interview click here.

Brian Michon Portrait - Dream

Brian Michon Portrait - Dream

To learn more of Brian’s amazing art and to see more of his excellent work, please take a moment to visit him at his blogspot!

We’re all proud of you Brian! Good luck in your bid to take top honors for the Kingston Portrait Prize – Canada’s National Portrait Competition!

Brian’s portrait will be exhibited at the Grand Theatre in Kingston, Ontario October 9th – 25th. Judging takes place October 8th. So, if you are in the area, be sure to visit the gallery to appreciate fully the grandeur of the detailed portrait he has entered.

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