Cloudbusting with Clarence

I was just sitting around waiting for the rain to go away and got to thinking that someone out there must be “cloudbusting”. (More about that later in this blog. Watch first!) So, that got me to thinking of Wihelm Reich and a couple of videos I was aware of and thought maybe I’d just share them with you in this blog.

First up is a beautifully shot short film based on the true story of revolutionary scientist and humanitarian Dr. Wilhelm Reich. It depicts his invention that became to be known as a “cloudbuster, that purportedly had the ability to make it rain. Although this is a wonderfully shot film, the writer took some liberities and exercised some poetic licence so far as I can see. Not as I read anyways. Nonetheless a nice little piece of art!

If you enjoyed that, then you will likely want to check out Kate Bush’s musical interpretations and visual rendition of the same event. This is an awesome video featuring Donald Sutherland and Kate Bush.

If you have gotten this far, then you’ll probably want to read up more about Wilhelm Riech at Wikipedia. If so, be sure to scroll down and read “Orgone accumulators and cloudbusters” once you get there. (I like the part where they say he may have used the “machine” to fight off UFO’s. That in itself makes me want to build one myself…or…have I already?)
Oh, how about that? Just as I predicted. In the time I figured it would take to write this, it stopped raining. Coincidence?

Now I just wish they’d make a feature film. Here’s the link to Wilhelm Reich at Wikipedia!

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