Watch blocked YouTube “Shows” from Canada!

IS YOUTUBE blocking you from watching movies and TV shows just because you are not in the US? If you’re like me and find that annoying, here is a little trick I just learned. Go to this site that hides your IP address. It will open in a separate window so you will be able to refer back to this page. ( I know it’s a weird name, but it works!) Click here


* I don’t know how long this tutorial will be effective, cause these
hacks have a habit of getting shutdown in short order. But for now it works!


Once there, you will note that youtube is in the search bar by default.
So, if you are going to YouTube then just click the “Hide My Ass!” icon

This will take you to youtube mainpage (Worldwide)

Click on Shows…then…find your show…and your ready to watch!

I clicked on comedy and watched an episode of ALF, however, before it starts you will have to view an advertisement, so be patient.
(I used to love watching ALF back in the day!)

In addition, I also tried the movie “Slacker” that was apparently R rated, therefore YouTube prompted me to sign in to verify that I was older than eighteen. Luckily I already have a YouTube user account. Once I signed in and verified I was over 18 years of age I was able to watch. So, that being said, you may have to create an account if you are looking to watch R rated movies.

That’s all! Hope you found this helpful!


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