Stompin Tom Connors – Live at the Horseshoe


Hello Folks,

Just having a little fun! I stumbled upon a record collection last spring while out doing my garage sale thing. I guess this gal was moving and apparently she had about 3000 LP’s in storage from a campus radio station she was involved with back in the day. I wish I was able to take the whole collection! However, I only took a couple of milk crates full. For the most part they were Canadian Cancon stuff. So, I’ve gotten around to digitizing some of them to mp3s. Just thought I’d share them for your enjoyment in this new thread here at my blog. First up is…and what can be more Canadian…than Stompin Tom Connors! Here he is “Live at the Horseshoe” Tavern in Toronto 1967.


Here are a couple of cuts I am making available for download at the links provided. ENJOY!

1/ Horseshoe Hotel Song

2/ Lukes Guitar

* Recorded on Boot Records (BOS – 7128) in STEREO!
* Produced by Jury Krytiuk
* Other cuts include; Happy Rovin Cowboy, Big Joe Mufferaw, Come Where We’re At, The Green Green Grass of Home, Spin Spin, Muleskinner Blues, I’ve Been Everywhere, Sudbury Saturday Night, Bus Tour to Nashville and Bud the Spud.

* FYI. Geeky tech stuff! I use Adobe as Audition which has an on board plug-in effect called “Restoration” that is designed specifically to take out the hiss and clicks. If you do not have Adobe, my suggestion is to download Audacity, which is a similar FREE software you can find easily by searching via Google. That’s it!

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