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Hello All!

For those familiar with my little comic strip diversion ” Duck Attitude”, I decided to archive them here for you to enjoy at your leisure! I hope you have been enjoying them just as much as I enjoy thinking them up! I am not really sure how many more, nor how often I’ll be posting them. However, it has been most everyday since I started them in late Feb ’09. I started it as a bit of lark, and admittedly it started out lame, but in my opinion, they’re getting progressively better. Anyways, here’s what I have so far. ENJOY!

23 Auto-Tune

22 Zhu-Zhu Hack

21 2012 End of the World

20 Off Duty

19 Etch A Sketch

18 Nipsey!

17 Billy Bob vs Tom Petty Easter

16 What’s Up?

15 Whiter Shade

14 Mensa vs Densa

13 Child Star?

12 Doppleganger

11 Mud Flaps

10 Duct vs Duck!

9 Job Interview Advise?

8 Platypus

7 Pop Quiz

6 Aromatherapy

5 Meaning of Life?

4 Fowl Language

3 Who’s On First

2 Tastes Like?

1 Ignorant Ducks!

Duck Attitude – Billy Bob vs Tom Petty by C Michon

Also, check out my mashup video I did for YouTube featuring the “DUCK”. The video was created in response to the hoopla involving Billy Bob Thornton’s appearance on CBC’s Radio One’s program “Q” with Jian Ghomeshi. A little jab at Billy Bob and a salute to Tom Petty. If you haven’t checked out what the commotion was all about, then it’s best you view the “Billy Bob Blow Up” video on YouTube prior to viewing the “Duck Attitude” viral video for it to make any sense at all! Enjoy!

Link to Billy Bob Thornton ‘Blow Up’ on Q TV!

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