Nils and Me


As a guitarist I am often asked who my favorite guitarist is. To be quite honest I can’t say who my favorite one is, but I can certainly list many whom I find to be inspiring, and each in their own way. So, this has prompted me to begin a series of blogs regarding this topic. After a little thought about the matter, I thought I would start this “strand” by writing about one of my earliest recollection of  a particular guitarist who stood out for me. As it was for many players of my age ,when we were young, we were all riffing out to “Smoke on the Water” and singing praises of Jimmy Page. However, it was thanks to my older brother that I was introduced to the styling of Nils Lofgren! The album my brother brought home was “Cry Tough”. cry-tough-front-600px

Upon first hearing the album, I was hooked! Probably needless to say to all Nils converts, but I do believe I wore out the grooves on that album as much as anyone could. Fortunately, to this day, I have probably 3 or 4 copies, thanks to garage sales and thrift shop hunting. In any event, if you are a guitarist and really want to hear a guitar player who utilizes great melodic structure and finesse, then do yourself a favor and explore some Nils Lofgren at your leisure. Now many of you, both casual listeners and avid converts, will know of Nils gig with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band! However, with the wonders of the internet, their is definitely no shortage of information and videos that stand as a testament to this matter of which I speak. With that said, here is a sample of some of Nils fine playing in the early days with a song called “Keith Don’t Go“. 
It’s a bit long, but he really starts to tear it up at around 1:35. Enjoy!

If you have chosen to  read this far, then be sure to visit Nils’ official website Incidentally, he gives lessons here too! Furthermore, I found excellent information regarding Nils at Wikipedia.
I hope you found this interesting!

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