About Me!

About Me

I work primarily as a documentary filmmaker for film and television. However, as of late, I’ve geared some recent projects that will challenge me in looking toward writing, producing and directing dramatic works also! In addition, I have a great affinity for radio. So, very much looking toward getting back to creating projects geared to radio too! Aside from my media interest, I am also an accomplished performing songwriter. If this interests you, then please take time to visit me at the provided links listed in the “Blogroll”. These links will bring you to my MySpace and Reverbnation sites which pertain to my Music and Film interests and endeavors. It’s been great to have reconnected with you – or to have met your acquaintance here on WordPress! Happy reading!


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P.S. Links to me on Twitter, Facebook and Scribd at the bottom if you are so inclined. You can also find my career bio at Linked in via button below

P.S. I can also be reached at michonmedia@yahoo.ca for questions or comments.

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Here is a recent video I did for a song of my first Acoustic CD release. I shot this just prior to Easter 2012. We had an early spring here in Northwestern, Ontario. I was taken by the early spring that it prompted me to want to a video shoot. So, I gathered up my camcorder, tripod and hopped on my bike and proceeded to a nearby boardwalk that leads to one of my favorite quiet places. Hope you enjoy it! BTW, you can find my Songwriter facebook page here!

Previously. Songwriting Update

Well better late than never, but finally getting around to writing my third collection of acoustic tunes for my 3rd CD. Surprisingly, I often get stopped in the strangest of places by folks asking me when I will offer up my next CD. The truth is that it has been written for the most part since last summer. However, I still have some tinkering yet to do on the tunes. That’s generally how I write. I write Verse, Pre-Chorus, Chorus and sometimes a Bridge – the Bridge often being the hardest and last thing that I do. That’s all I write initially and then I come back maybe, a day, a week, a month, a year, AND on a couple occasions decades later to write other verses. However, I have been lucky on a few occasions that I’ve written an entire song in one sitting faster than I could write it down. But that’s rare and I think that has only happened twice now that I think of it. If you wish to learn more about my approach to songwriting, I have some blogs specific to my that under the heading “Music” in the column to the right. “Dance With Ducks comes to mind and a few others I trust you will figure out. So where am I now? Well, as of today, I’ve dug up and gathered the potential songs for CD #3 in one heap. Moreover, most are already in rough demo form on my computer, so I’m gonna have to have a listen to those too. Thereafter, I just do one at a time which generally amounts to one per week for tweaking. Given that that has been my experience, I expect an early April release date.

In The Meantime

I decided recently to work toward doing live “off the floor” performances for the purpose of releasing them on YouTube. People have been asking eh? So, on that count I’m working toward appeasing the MASSES! Well two fans anyways. Thanks Mom, Dad. With that being said, I thought I’d start with the older tunes initially and new stuff thereafter as I go. So, how’d this come about? Well, I set up in an empty house next door. Shortly after my successful B&E, [Break and Enter] I started to throw gear in through a window. The place was stark empty! I thought I’d put together a little “set dressing”. Thereafter, I tried an little lighting experiment with Canadian Tire halogen lights I had and Presto! Initially, I thought I’d played live off the floor, but decided later to add the P.A. system for some “live” ambiance appeal. Oh! And the guitar? Well I just picked that up last week at a Pawn Shop in Thunder Bay while passing through on my way tom my home here in the wilds of Northwestern Ontario. I was hoping to document my trek to the empty house so you all might appreciate what a dedicated burglar I am. It’s basically a rabbit trail that I trampled down to get my stuff into my newly found squatter’s “Lodge”. As you can see, I was kinda anxious to get started and experiment. You’ll probably note I’m still in my ski-pants, or more appropriately, my snowshoe-pants. I just got home from the boreal and decided to go to work throwing this all together, so never bothered to change. If you look closely, my knees are muddied up from having just wrestled a Sasquatch to the ground earlier that afternoon. It was fun! Oh then how we laughed…err…and then we made Snow Angels! It’s true! Oh, where was I? Oh yeah, once set, there was just one more barrier to overcome. The place is heated by an old stand up electric heater in THIS room which kicks in frequently and blasts heat at ear-shattering decibels! So, I had to turn it off. Let’s just say it turned cold rather quickly and I was quite frosty in minutes though it may not look it. Anyways, all that being explained, here it is! Hope you enjoy it. Stay tuned, as I hope to release new tunes too as they become complete. If you are already an acquaintance, then you’ll probably see alerts via my Twitter or facebook account. If you’re new to my blog, then please do follow or friend me. Thanks for your interest in my tunes and blog.

P.S. I had posted another version of the same song below here, but it had a couple of glitches, so I redid it posted this version. Original still on my YouTube channel, which I haven’t decided if I’m leaving or taking down? Anyways, here’s the newer version.


My Sasquatch Story – Occurrence at Split Rock

PhotobucketThis took place when I was in grade nine and it involved a school chum of mine. Apparently, he had seen a“Bigfoot” a.k.a. Sasquatch. My brother, his chum Brent and I felt it encumbant upon us to get to the bottom of this encounter and set out to gather evidence and maybe even wrangle us a Sasquatch! Read the full story here!.

Occupy Attawapiskat is my most recent post in regards to housing crisis on the First Nation of the aforementioned community. As the winter of 2011-2012 sets in with temperatures dropping to -20 to -40 degrees Celsius most nights, why is in Canada that some families literally left out in the cold? Living in makeshift tent housing consisting of tarps and plywood – without plumbing and electricity – there are First Nation families for which that is a reality. Moreover, current permanent housing is insufficient and overcrowding is the norm. Is this acceptable to Canadians? Learn more of this dire situation as the community attempts to grab the attention of Canada and the world to assist in their self-proclaimed state of emergency. Apparently, the call has mostly fallen on deaf ears of politicians – save for one – and aid agencies alike. Read on to learn more here.

Last year and the year before, I’ve worked a lot on my songwriting, but this year I’m looking to switch gears and get back to filmmaking. Although I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from concentrating on my filmmaking, it’s always something I’m doing in one manner or another. I’ve been doing a lot of writing in addition to some freelance gigs, however, this year I do have goals set out to do my own projects once again. Despite this, I also have to mention, I have a good part of my third CD written and ready to record. Likely late summer for release. Watch this space!

COURAGE HIGHWAY – A new song I loaded up on to YouTube to my YT Channel where I am searchable by the name of “cyoungblood”. To date, the song has garnered two thousand plus views. Anyways, this is a song tribute that was inspired by Canadian hero, Terry Fox and the highway of the same name. Video below. Blog about the song can be found here!

COURAGE HIGHWAY – A Tribute to Terry Fox by Clarence Michon

New CD Completed “Hardrock Acoustics II”

My second CD offering of tunes. Third written, but need to find time to record! BTW, you can find more music stuff at my music site at Reverbnation found here!


Yep! Designed that cover myself. The Hardrock reference, by the way, is a tip of the hat to the company of the same name that first established mining in this wee gold mining town I grew up in. Just for fun! Here is a 90 piece puzzle I created based on the cover art. Have a go if you are so inclined by clicking here!!

Look I made another puzzle! Go ahead and try. It’s easy. Just for fun. You know you want to. Click image

GOOFING AROUND! A short film parody of sorts. “Buck E. and Guntz”

A little short film ditty I did in response to watching a segment on the Academy Award in which a Canadian Producer, by the name of Bucky Gunts won an award for his live production of the Winter Olympics. So, in all my infinite wisdom, I made a video featuring two ornaments on my front stoop and animated them into a 70s crime fighting duo. Hope you like it!



Ever wonder how album art comes about? Here is an investigative story that conclusively determines who the girl was that inspired the cover art for Canadian classic rockers Prism’s – See Forever Eyes. Find out by visiting here!

Clarence Michon | Create Your Badge

Click image above! Thanks. Michon72


  is where my documents live!


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